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Physikron Application Note Nr 1                   Poster presented at Pasteur Institute

Physikron technology, positioned between instrumentation and the identification software, brings an innovative and complementary solution to improve the performance of tandem spectrometry.

Thanks to patented algorithms, Physikron technology dramatically improves the number of peptides and proteins identified during a LC/MS/MS acquisition.

Between the measuring instrument and identification software, Physikron technology is made of algorithms able to analyze the primary (precursor) MS spectrum and the secondary MS/MS spectra from shotgun experiments.

Physikron technology analyzes dissociated fragments from all the primary masses included in the selection window. Whereas in a standard approach, only one MS primary mass is used per MS/MS spectrum, Physikron technology produces as many secondary spectra as primary masses in the selection window. Each secondary MS/MS spectrum is thus associated with a primary mass.


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